In August 1947, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established in the early days and the capital was located in Karachi.
Modern islamabad

Karachi is located in the southern part of Pakistan and is close to the Arabian Sea. It is a commercial port city. Although it is easy to go to sea, it is very inconvenient to contact Pakistan’s vast provinces. On the other hand, the coastal city is not the capital. Safety, plus Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city, densely populated, very crowded, and further development is limited. Therefore, the Pakistani people and successive governments want to choose an ideal place as the capital. They have considered several cities, but they have not been determined.

In February 1959, a committee was set up. After several investigations and arguments, it was determined that a new capital was built 10 kilometers northeast of the ancient city of Rawalpindi, and it was named Islamabad, which means “Islam City”. Before the completion of the new capital, the capital was temporarily moved from Karachi to Rawalpindi, and Rawalpindi was used as the temporary capital.