The city is full of Islamic-style high-rise buildings, the most famous of which are the Sword Palace, Fatima Mosque, Parliament Building, News Building and Telegraph Building. The uniquely shaped water storage tanks and water storage towers are the most striking building facilities here, and are also difficult to see in other cities. Almost every roof has a square or round storage tank.

There are dozens of water storage towers in the city. The most majestic of Kuwait City is the Great Tower of Kuwait. The tower consists of three towers of various shapes, towering on the beach at the top of the eastern corner of the city. The main tower on the right is 187 meters high and 32 meters in diameter. It consists of two spherical buildings 40 meters apart from each other, symbolizing the earth and the moon. In addition to the 1 million gallons of water, the big ball below has a restaurant for 500 people and a garden. Flowers bloom in the garden all year round, and famous flowers from all over the world compete here.

The Kuwaitis are devout Muslims. After the development of a fishermen’s town into a modern oil city in Kuwait, the mosques have sprung up as skyscrapers have sprung up. The largest temple is The Grand Mosque of Kuwait City. Located in the city centre, it was built in 1994. It is exquisitely decorated and can accommodate 10,000 people. The attached women’s worship hall accommodates thousands of people.

The dome of the hall is 43 meters high, with 144 windows, 72 pillars in the room, 21 gates, marble and colored tiles on the outside, decorated with beautiful Arabic calligraphy, magnificent and magnificent, after six years of fine carving. And built. The two symmetrical minarets are 72 meters high and the tower is inlaid with Syrian marble and covered with brass.

The front and rear of the main hall are all courtyards. The courtyard is surrounded by spacious men’s and women’s clean rooms, lecture halls, conference halls, teaching areas and libraries; the parking lot outside the walls of the Great Temple. The Kuwait City Grand Mosque has been rated as the latest Islamic art masterpiece in the Arab world by guests visiting countries.